Your search for the right pressure washer starts right here. We provide detailed information and unbiased recommendations to help you make an informed buying decision, because we know you are not here for just any pressure washer. You want the best, and we make sure that you get one.

If you have a little idea about pressure washers, you would know that they are far more powerful and effective than your garden hose. But when it comes to buying one, you will need to know a lot more than this to pick the right pressure washer from the available lot.

Our aim is to guide you through the buying process. We test and review a wide range of pressure washers to give you the best advice, based on your needs and budget. But before you go on to read the reviews, here are a few terminologies you will want to understand.

PSI (pounds per square inch)

This is the measure of pressure of water produced by the water pump; however, the net pressure applied on the surface will depend on how far you hold the hose from the surface and the type of nozzle you use. The PSI rating of majority of pressure washers lies in the range 1000-3500 PSI.

GPM (gallons per minute)

This describes the flow rate, usually lies in the range 1-5 for a majority of pressure washers. The higher the GPM, the less time required to clean a certain area and more cleaning jobs completed per day.

CP (Cleaning Power)

Cleaning power is the product of GPM and PSI. The term is used to describe the amount of work a pressure washer can do. You may consider it the overall cleaning power.

Do you even need a pressure washer?

Pressure washer is not for everyone. It is designed for homeowners and professionals who want to wind up their everyday cleaning chores faster and more efficiently. If you are required to clean your driveway, car, roofs and external walls – more often than not – you might want to invest in a pressure washer. Also, if you are a professional cleaner who wants higher productivity and happy clients, a pressure washer is worth your consideration. By the way, if you hate to clean your outdoors but can’t stand the dirt and stains either, you might need a fun way (pressure washer) to pull off your cleaning chores. Choosing a pressure washer on a whim won’t serve your purpose, it is, therefore, important to identify your needs and budget prior to buying one. Not sure how to go about the purchase? That’s what we are here for – to help you pick the best match.

To get started, here are 10 best-selling pressure washers of all time reviewed for you.

Karcher 1800 PSI

Karcher 1800 PSI provides pressure cleaning at your fingertips. It’s an electric pressure washer, with a more durable induction motor, as well as a variety of attachments and accessories to assist your small to medium pressure cleaning jobs.

Karcher 1800 has received stellar reviews for its handy design and decent functionality.

  • Though small, it has an integrated detergent tank, which is usually not available in similar models.
  • 2-wheel cart for easy movement.
  • Single phase motor is compatible with household power supply.

There’s more to this compact pressure cleaner than meets the eye. Let’s find out more about it.


The 25-feet hose is made of PVC/plastic to offer desired flexibility and durability. With adjustable spray gun wand and various nozzles, you can achieve different pressure levels at the flick of a switch.

The dry weight of this pressure washer is 30 pounds and comes with a 2-wheel cart for quick and convenient movement.

Don’t have a faucet nearby? No problem. Just immerse the hose in the water, and this pressure washer will draw water on its own.

With 1-year consumer warranty and Axial Cam water pump, there’s enough quality assurance to go around.


This pressure washer delivers a pressure of 1800 PSI at a flow rate of 1.5 GPM, producing up to 2700 cleaning power to clean gritty and grimy surfaces with ease. It has an induction motor that operates at 120-volt single phase, 13 Amps.

It comes with a Dirtblaster Turbo Wand that increases cleaning power by up to 50%.

  • Integrated detergent tank.
  • Adjustable spray.
  • More powerful and durable.
  • Karcher suction hose is to be purchased separately.
  • ‘Adjustable pressure’ feature not available.


Karcher 1800 PSI is designed for household pressure cleaning tasks and does not require any kind of expertise to operate. Just aim it to clean driveways, cars, metalic objects and outdoor furniture. Though it’s not designed for commercial cleaning jobs, it can be used as spare equipment in emergency situations.

Karcher Expert Series 3200 PSI

Make way for the beast. Karcher Expert Series 3200 PSI has earned the trust and respect of professional cleaners across the globe.

Karcher Expert Series 3200 PSI is designed for professional cleaners, while taking into account their suggestions on the previous model and everyday cleaning requirements. It is designed for the customer, with the customer – it’s almost tailor-made.

Professional cleaners love it because:

  • Quieter operation and easy to use.
  • Highly durable commercial-grade pump.
  • Large detergent tank.

The Karcher Expert Series 3200 PSI has a lot more features to grab your attention and make you want to buy one. Let’s find out what all it has to offer.


This gas powered pressure washer is not only powerful and portable but also gets the cleaning done without causing any disturbance to your neighbours, thanks to the advanced 200cc Honda engine.

It has a 25-feet long hose and a large detergent tank of 5.28 litres capacity. What does that mean for you as a user? You can cover a larger area and can work for a long time without exhausting your detergent.

Comes with 5 quick-connect nozzles for different cleaning tasks.

2 year warranty on engine by Honda.


Delivers 3200 PSI at an impressive flow rate of 2.8 GPM.

It has a commercial-grade spray gun and a sturdy PVC hose that give you the confidence to utilise this pressure washer to its maximum potential.

Using turbo nozzle, you can double the power in an instant. No cleaning job seems tough now.

It has a robust frame with engine housing, a detergent tank and a hose stand to keep everything in place and ready-to-use.

  • Easy transportation and storage.
  • Low noise, high powerful.
  • Automatic detergent mixing.
  • Commercial-grade parts and accessories for extended durability.
  • Turbo nozzle is sold separately.
  • Pull start is awkwardly positioned.


If you want explosive power to wipe down external walls, clean driveways, strip the paint off or remove rust from the surface, you need not look beyond this wonderful pressure cleaning equipment. If you know how to handle a large amount of pressure and flow rate, this pressure cleaning can increase your productivity at work by several notches.

More power means less time required to clean and a larger number of jobs completed in the given time. May not be an ideal fit for homeowners, but it’s the go-to cleaning machine for companies and independent cleaning experts alike.

Simpson PowerShot Professional 4400 PSI

The most powerful pressure washer in its segment, delivering 4400 PSI at a flow rate of 4 GPM to blast through tough grime, mildew and rust. When you need explosive cleaning power on the go, there can’t be a better pressure washer than this.

Professional cleaners across the globe have given 5 star rating to this pressure washer for ease of use and handy storage for hose, spray gun and nozzles. It cleans faster and handles tough cleaning jobs back to back. Users can work longer with less fatigue.

  • Integrated storage for accessories.
  • Pneumatic tires for easy movement across all terrains.
  • Adjustable pressure feature makes it a one-size-fits-all cleaning solution.
  • 5-year commercial warranty on water pump.
  • Welded steel frame gives you leverage and protects the water pump.
  • Quick-connect spray gun, hose and nozzles.

This gas pressure washer is a power-packed tool with advanced features and durable components to withstand the most demanding commercial cleaning requirements. Let’s have a look at the features that have earned this pressure washer the immense respect from cleaners across the world.


The Simpson PowerShot is powered by the company’s very own 420cc petrol engine that’s loud and powerful. With 6.8 quarts fuel tank, you can go on and on cleaning around buildings with a full tank. The triplex water pump is a large one, and comes with a better lifespan than axial pumps.

It has a 50-feet long wire reinforced hose that offers extended reach. Cleaning around large industrial and commercial establishment is no hassle with this wonderful power washer.

While it weighs 190 pounds and bulky, the 2-wheel cart and ergonomic handles make the movement easy.


When it comes to performance, there’s no match to Simpson PowerShot Professional. It can handle the most demanding pressure cleaning jobs to simple household clean-ups and everything in between, thanks to the adjustable pressure and 5 quick-connect nozzle tips. By regulating the pressure and flow at the turn of the knob, you can use this powerful pressure washer for delicate cleaning around your garden and deck.

  • Powerful and portable.
  • Adjustable pressure.
  • Triplex pump accounts for durability.
  • 13”pneumatic tires and on-board storage for accessories.
  • Pro-style spray gun with comfortable grip.
  • Noisy operation.
  • Turbo nozzle not included in the package.


If you are professional cleaner and looking for a machine that’s powerful, durable and pretty much wipes down everything, the Simpson PowerShot is the ideal pick for you. With 5-year warranty on the water pump and 3-year warranty on the engine, your investment is covered against all risks.

Karcher 2000 PSI

Karcher 2000 PSI is one of the best-selling mid-range electric pressure washer that finds favour with homeowners and commercial cleaners alike. It is powered by an induction motor and has an axial pump to ensure fast response and extended life.

Karcher 2000 PSI is one of the widely used electric pressure washers, owing to its fast, efficient and quieter operation. It’s a great pick for beginners, because of 5-minute set-up and on-off foot switch for more convenience. If you want decent power and don’t like to bend over to turn it on and off, this pressure washer is a godsend for you. Users love it because,

  • Easy set-up
  • Quieter operation
  • On/off foot switch


Dual detergent tank, which can be removed, refilled and installed again to get the cleaning going.

On-board hose reel to extend the hose and roll back in as per the requirement. Prevents tangling during storage and use.

Comes with 4 nozzles, including one turbo and one soap nozzle for cleaning different surfaces and objects.


This lightweight, handy electric pressure washer features a flow rate of 1.3 GPM that ensures thorough clean with minimal water wastage. Karcher uses its very own axial water pump to meet small to medium pressure cleaning requirements without a hitch.

The fact that this electric pressure washer has dual detergent tanks enables you to fill and forget. These tanks hold enough detergent to clean around an average-sized property and still some of it will be left to wipe down the car and the driveway.

  • Dual detergent tank (removable).
  • Quick connect nozzles and turbo nozzle included.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Hose reel for easy storage.
  • Turbo nozzle included.
  • Cannot handle medium to heavy duty cleaning tasks.
  • Plastic body requires extra care.


Karcher 2000 PSI is a compact and lightweight electric pressure washer that’s easy to set-up and easier to use. No professional tools or skills required. The fact that it’s electric and quieter, you can clean up around your home during odd hours without disturbing your neighbours. If you pressure clean your home and vehicles  frequently, this one-time investment can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. With Karcher 2000 PSI, cleaning becomes fun.

Kranzle Professional 1400 PSI

Kranzle Professional 1400 PSI makes it to the top 10, thanks to its compact design and a powerful induction motor that drives the pump crazy. Producing 1400 PSI at a flow rate of 2 GPM, this electric pressure washer is ideal for light to medium duty cleaning jobs.

It has received wide appreciation from homeowners and commercial cleaners alike. They simply love it because:

  • It has on-board hose reel.
  • Can pull water from the pond or tank.
  • Quietly powerful.
  • Easy to start and use.
  • Pull and release spray gun.
  • Modern safety features with run-dry auto-cut mechanism.

Need we say anymore? Yes, because that’s not all of it.


This powerful electric pressure washer comes with a 50-feet hose, along with an on-board storage to prevent entangling during use and storage. It also comes with a turbo nozzle that blasts away dirt in the blink of an eye. It has a robust, fully covered frame mounted on a 2-wheel cart. With adjustable pressure feature, it can handle delicate to tough pressure cleaning jobs at the turn of a knob.


The relatively higher GPM ramps up the cleaning power to reduce cleaning time and improve results. You can use this pressure cleaner for hours, without worrying about overheating issues, thanks to the highly durable induction motor. It has a 35 feet long power cord, with ground fault interrupter, so you don’t feel tethered to the electrical socket. Since it runs on electricity and does not produce fumes, you can use this pressure cleaner indoors and outdoors alike.

  • Run-dry auto-cut feature to prevent damage to the pump.
  • 50-feet hose and 35-feet power cord offers extended reach.
  • Never-flat tires.
  • Lightweight – easy to maneuver.
  • Safety coupler.
  • Adjustable pressure.
  • A bit pricey for its features.


If you are ready to spend some extra bucks for great safety features and performance, then this pressure washer is worth it. With this cleaning tool in your arsenal, you can clean around your home without having to hire anyone, or if you are a professional cleaner who has just started out, this equipment will keep you going for a couple of years. Most importantly, it has a hose reel storage that allows for easy use and quick storage.

AR Blue Clean

If you can’t stand a dirty driveway and a gritty car, this entry-level pressure cleaner is all you need to clean just about anything. This pressure cleaner is an all-time favourite of homeowners who likes to clean but hates to scrub. This pressure cleaner is easy to use and makes cleaning chores exciting and fun.

It has everything that a beginner needs and much more. With an on-board hose reel, you need not worry about the hose lying around and getting entangled or stomped on.

  • 35-feet GFCI power cord.
  • Large motor brushes for superior performance.
  • On-board hooks for spray gun and detergent tank.
  • Easy to use.

Let’s explore more of its features to see what it is capable of.


  • 1900 PSI at 1.3 GPM.
  • 2-wheel cart with plastic wheels.
  • 30-feet hose.
  • Quick-connect spray tips and turbo nozzle included.
  • Extremely lightweight: 32 pounds.
  • Metal inlet and discharge tube.


This electric pressure washer scores high on performance and pretty much takes on every household cleaning job there is. It comes in handy for indoor and outdoor cleaning, thanks to its lightweight design that enables you to wheel it from one dirty job to another quickly. The detergent tank is large enough to complete multiple cleaning jobs. The chemical injection system regulates the flow of detergent to make the most of every single drop. More cleaning with less detergent.

  • Total stop system: the motor and pump come to a halt when spray trigger is released.
  • Turbo nozzle included.
  • On-board hose reel and a hook to store hose and spray wand respectively.
  • 65 degree nozzle for easy soap application.
  • Universal motor, which is less durable as compared to induction motor.
  • Not suitable for medium to heavy duty cleaning job.


The AR Blue Clean is a small one-time investment that goes a long way assisting the owner with everyday cleaning jobs. It cleans better than a garden hose and takes less time to complete any given job. If you want to learn the skill of pressure cleaning, this pressure washer is a great way to start. And once you upgrade to a more powerful washer, this one can be an additional tool in your arsenal for emergency cleaning requirements.

Generac Semi-Pro 3800 PSI

Now you can up your pressure cleaning game with this powerful, easy-to-operate gas pressure washer that has a control panel fashioned right below the handle.  Delivering 3800 PSI at a flow rate of 3.6 GPM, Generac Semi-pro is designed to handle those tough cleaning jobs, which would have been really time-consuming with a regular pressure cleaner.

This pressure washer finds favour with professional cleaners, who want to clean just about everything without spending any extra minute. More than just explosive cleaning power, this pressure washer is widely acclaimed because of:

  • Adjustable pressure to handle light to heavy duty cleaning jobs.
  • Adjustable side handle reduces fatigue.
  • 3-year warranty with a wide service network.

Still not sure whether or not this is a perfect match for your needs? Let’s get into the details to find more about this pressure cleaner.


This pressure washer lies on the higher end of the price spectrum, but if you can utilize it to its full potential, it’s worth every penny spent. It has a Horizontal Shaft OHV Engine to power a triplex plunger pump that doesn’t heat up soon and guarantees extended life. With adjustable pressure regulator, you have complete control over the pressure to meet varied cleaning requirements.

It has 5 quick-click nozzles, including soap applicator. With never-flat wheels, this pressure washer can go everywhere and can clean any nook and corner, with its 35-feet long pressure hose.

Ergonomic handles, welded steel frame and ceramic coated pistons are some of the features that make this pressure washer a cut above the rest.


It has a 302cc engine that drives Triplex Plunger pump to deliver astonishing cleaning power. This pressure washer offers a perfect blend of power and handling. You can take on tough cleaning jobs, one after another, for as long as you want, without feeling tired.

  • Welded steel frame and triplex pump for enhanced life and durability.
  • Ceramic coated pistons prevents overheating and lasts long.
  • Adjustable side handles for easy maneuverability.
  • 5 Quick-click nozzles.
  • Does not comply with CARB emissions requirements.
  • Turbo nozzle not included.


If you are looking for a powerful, commercial-grade pressure washer at a relatively low price, then Generac Semi-pro can be your best bet. It takes seconds to clean surfaces where its electric counterparts may take forever to deliver equivalent results. It is designed to handle multiple cleaning purposes. Use the correct nozzle and adjust the knob to desired pressure level and you are good to go.

That was all about a few of the best-selling cold water pressure washers, but if you are looking for a hot water pressure washer, we have a strong recommendation for you. Have a look:

NorthStar Gas-Powered Wet Steam & Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot water pressure washer comes in handy where pressure alone is not enough. When it comes to removing oil stains and water-scales from the surface, you will need a mighty blast of hot water to get the job done faster and more effectively. That’s what NorthStar Hot Water Pressure Washer is here for.

It has a 205cc Briggs & Stratton engine that powers a direct-drive triplex pump to deliver 2700 PSI at a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. It comes with an integrated heating unit that heats up adequate quantity of water to clean an average household in one cycle.

Most professional cleaners like to keep this pressure washer on their fleet, to cope with even the toughest cleaning requirement there is. Professionals love it because it has:

  • 4-wheel cart for easy maneuverability.
  • Commendable fuel efficiency.
  • Dedicated storage for attachments; less clutter.
  • Built-in thermal protector for user’s safety.


  • Triplex water pump with adjustable pressure.
  • 2700 PSI, 2.5 GPM, 6.5 Horse Power.
  • Thermal shock resistance.
  • Steam and soap nozzles included.
  • Fully encased coil assembly.


This pressure washer delivers a powerful jet of hot water at 2700 PSI, but with the correct nozzle and required temperature and pressure setting, you can clean any surface without damaging it. Whether it’s greasy car engines or oily surface around machinery, it’s easy to clean them all with this hot water pressure washer. It has a high fuel efficiency that allows you to handle multiple cleaning jobs on full tank.

  • Integrated heater for instant hot water supply.
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure.
  • 4-wheel cart for easy movement.
  • Quick-connect nozzles.
  • A bit pricey.


It’s a versatile machine that offers the functionality of both cold and hot water pressure washers, at a flick of the switch. You will be required to cut deep into your budget but every penny spent will be worth the results and time saved. When you have this hot water pressure washer on your fleet, you will be able to clean quickly and efficiently where ordinary washers give up.

Shark SGP 353037

Here’s another recommendation in the hot water segment, which delivers a mighty blast of 3000 PSI at 3.5 GPM. With an integrated heating unit that supplies hot water to clean sludge, stains, grease and oil, this hot water pressure washer is all you need to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Professional cleaners love it because it has:

  • 4-wheel cart for easy movement.
  • Safe and robust design.
  • More power housed in a relatively compact frame.
  • 7 year warranty on pump.


  • 11HP Honda engine.
  • Direct Drive Pump.
  • Heavy duty components and casing.


The Shark SGP 353037 starts fast and cleans even faster, thanks to the powerful and advanced Honda engine. Designed for extended cleaning hours, this pressure is the right fit for car wash facilities, industrial cleaning and other areas with frequent cleaning requirements. It delivers a powerful jet of hot water that cuts through slime, grime and toughest of stains. This power washer has helped cleaning professionals increase their productivity and reduce cleaning per cost significantly.

  • Portable 4-wheel cart.
  • Honda engine for long life.
  • Stainless steel coil wrap for high durability.
  • Relatively quieter.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Too pricey as compared to competitors’ products but twice as durable.


If your business receives a large number of cleaning requests, having a couple of these pressure washers on your fleet should keep you going and growing. It’s a one-time investment that is guaranteed to serve you for a long time.

PowerBOSS 2600 PSI

It’s a gas pressure washer powered by one of the high-performance Honda engines that delivers 2600 PSI to handle your light to medium duty cleaning needs with ease.

The PowerBOSS 2600 PSI tops the best-selling list because people love it and love to recommend it to others as well. You might ask, why?

  • It has 160cc engine that strikes a perfect balance between power and noise.
  • Easy to start and easier to operate.
  • Durable and low maintenance.
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty for commercial use and 2 years for personal use.
  • Lightweight and easy to wheel around.

Let’s get into more details to give you a better perspective.


This pressure washer weighs 62 pounds and comes with never-flat wheels that take one of the major concerns off your mind. It has a 25-feet long hose for maximum reach, and can be rolled back onto a hook-type storage when the job is completed. With a residential-grade spray wand and 4 quick-connect spray nozzles, this pressure washer offers the flexibility that you need to clean different areas around your home.

Suitable for cold water pressure cleaning around driveways, patio, pergolas and pretty much wipes dirt off your car and outdoor furniture.


It has a single detergent tank that holds enough detergent to clean an average household without having to re-fill. The flow rate is 2.3 GPM, which is decent for this category and pretty much cleans the surface without going another cycle. It has a built-in protection system that purges overheated water to prevent serious damage to the water pump. Hence, prolonged life.

  • 25-feet hose for maximum reach.
  • Quieter than its counterparts.
  • Low maintenance, thanks to the reliable Honda engine.
  • Sturdy axial cam pump.
  • Does not come with adjustable pressure feature (you will need to interchange nozzles to get desired pressure).
  • Cannot handle more demanding commercial cleaning tasks.


It’s a great pick for homeowners who know how to utilise its mighty blast for household cleaning chores, as well as for professional cleaners who have started out with cleaning one home or one neighbourhood at a time.

Best Pressure Washer Buyer’s Guide & Expert Tips

While there are myriads of options available on the market, it may get a bit difficult  for you to narrow down on one that fits the bill. Depending on your requirements, we can suggest essential features that you should look for in your upcoming pressure washer purchase.

For household cleaning

If you are a homeowner and considering to buy a pressure washer, you will want to identify your requirements, size of the area to be cleaned and how frequently you want to clean it. If you are to use the pressure washer at weekends, then you are better off with an entry level electric pressure washer.

Appropriate pressure rating would be 1200 to 1700 PSI and the flow rate of no more than 2 GPM.

You can go for a pressure washer with universal motor if you are looking for something on a budget, but if you want durability, considering paying a little extra for the induction motor variant.

For Light Commercial Cleaning

If you are a professional cleaning who travels door to door to provide cleaning at commercial and residential premises, you will want to invest in a lightweight, electric or gas pressure washer that should be able to deliver 2000-3000 PSI and at a flow rate of 2 GPM for quick cleaning.

A majority of commercial cleaners want their equipment to clean fast and last long and that can be loaded onto the truck or wheeled from one job to another with ease. If you, too, want the same, consider buying an electric or gas pressure washer that lie in the mid range.

For heavy duty commercial and industrial cleaning

If you regularly clean industrial sites, construction sites and surfaces that are heavily soiled, you will need explosive pressure and high GPM to wind up your cleaning task in minutes and not hours. For such requirements, a gas powered pressure washer with pressure rating above 3000 PSI would be an ideal fit.

If required, you may invest in a hot water pressure washer and complete your cleaning tasks even faster and more efficiently. Make sure you have your budget planned for this, as investing in a hot water pressure washer can cost you thousands of dollars.

If you are already a user, here are a few tips to ensure safety and high productivity.

  • Wear safety gloves, eyewear and boots while using pressure washer.
  • Do not let children roam around in the nearby of the pressure washer in action.
  • While storing unplug hoses, nozzles and spray wand and drain them off completely before putting them in the box.
  • If you are using a gas pressure washer, don’t forget to check essential engine fluids at regular intervals. Top off in case the level drops.