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This article aims to provide competent and reliable information on the world-renowned brand, Briggs & Stratton, and its various products in the Pressure Washer segment. We’ll go over several features of these pressure washers that matter and the accessories you’ll work with.

Briggs & Stratton has been around in the industry for more than 100 years and is trusted and appreciated by millions of customers worldwide. Briggs & Stratton offers an extensive range of pressure washers for light, medium and heavy-duty cleaning projects. All pressure washers supplied by Briggs & Stratton deliver the right amount of power to blast away dirt, mud, moss, mildew, grime and handle more demanding jobs that include paint prep and rust removal.

Available in electric and gas variants, these pressure washers are further classified into three categories based on the cleaning project they can handle: Light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty.

Let’s understand each of them closely, along with their best applications in residential and commercial sector.

Light Duty Pressure Washers

Light Duty

Light-duty: This category mainly comprises electric pressure washers that deliver 1700-2200 PSI for removing dirt and grime from glass and concrete surfaces. The lighter variants are fitted with long-lasting universal motor while the more powerful ones have brushless induction motors that are quieter and more durable. Each variant comes with a foldaway design that allows for convenient access and easy storage; any garage space can accommodate these pressure washers without having to move other items out. When you attach turbo nozzle to this equipment, the cleaning ability improves by 40%, which makes your cleaning tasks quick and efficient.

These pressure washers come with multiple spray nozzles to control pressure settings for different cleaning needs. As you move from one dirty job to another, quickly switch between nozzles to get the right amount of pressure to meet your cleaning demands precisely.

Following are the variants you will find in light duty segment.

1800 MAX PSI / 1.2 MAX GPM
2000 MAX PSI / 3.5 MAX GPM
2000 MAX PSI / 1.2 MAX GPM
2200 MAX PSI / 1.9 MAX GPM

Medium Duty Pressure Washers

Medium Duty

Medium-duty: Medium-duty pressure washers offered by Briggs & Stratton are designed to remove tough stains, graffiti and of course, dirt and grime with greater impact. The driving force behind this immense pressure is a gas-powered engine that’s 40% quieter than its counterparts. Explosive cleaning power, ease of use and foldaway design –all features rolled up into one pressure washer. Convenient start/stop operation with just squeeze of a button –and boom –the dirt will be gone. Ideal for cleaning house siding, driveways, garage floor, deck and much more.

Following are the variants available in medium duty segment:

2800 MAX PSI / 2.3 MAX GPM
3000 MAX PSI / 2.7 MAX GPM
3000 MAX PSI / 5.0 MAX GPM
3200 MAX PSI / 2.7 MAX GPM
3400 MAX PSI / 2.8 MAX GPM
2800 MAX PSI / 2.1 MAX GPM
3100 MAX PSI / 2.5 MAX GPM

Each variant delivers more or less same power, but with different nozzles, the variation in pressure and functionality is seemingly immense. Here’s a quick tip for buyers. Pressure washers with low GPM are ideal for removing dirt and grime and they save water, whereas the ones with high GPM blast away tough stains, graffiti, rust and paint.

Heavy Duty Pressure Washers

Heavy Duty

Heavy-duty: Think of power, the power is here. Briggs & Stratton brings to you the intense cleaning power in the form of different variants of gas pressure washers that are easy to use and even easier to store in your garage or along the house siding. PSI ranges from 3000 to 4000 and there are many variants that lie in between.

The heavy-duty segment is designed for commercial and industrial use, where cleaning has to be done faster and more efficiently. With five different nozzles, you can select the right amount of pressure for the job; and with the right nozzle, no job takes more than a couple of minutes. It’s really that much fast and powerful.

Following are the variants available in heavy duty segment:

3000 MAX PSI / 2.8 MAX GPM
3100 MAX PSI / 2.8 MAX GPM
3300 MAX PSI / 3.2 MAX GPM
3000 MAX PSI / 3.5 MAX GPM
3600 MAX PSI / 2.5 MAX GPM
3700 MAX PSI / 4.2 MAX GPM
4000 MAX PSI / 4.0 MAX GPM

Stubborn stains, molecular dirt, graffiti, rust or anything of such type can be easily removed with just one spray. You name it, you aim it. The job’s done.

In a nutshell, Briggs & Stratton supplies the most efficient and powerful cleaning solutions ever developed for common household and commercial use. Essential features, like handy storage and easy transportation, make these machines even more sought after amongst other similar washers available on the market.

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