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Campbell Hausfeld Pressure Washers

For over 180 years, Campbell Hausfeld has been simplifying most of the demanding jobs carried out in a host of environments, from agriculture to automobile and property maintenance. The company takes pride in its existence and service conduct that shine through its tremendous range of products. Not to mention, Campbell Hausfeld has measured immense success in selling pressure washers across the globe for a variety of cleaning demands.

Removing dirt, debris, grime, stains, etc. are some of the challenges pressure washers are designed to tackle. Campbell Hausfeld provides pressure washers with different pressure ratings to best suit the cleaning jobs around your house or commercial establishment. Campbell Hausfeld has been in the industry for over 180 years and is one of the highly recommended brands in the pressure washer segment.

This brand provides top-quality equipment and often outperforms its competitors, for there’s no substitute for experience.

Let’s go over different pressure washer variants manufactured and marketed by Campbell Hausfeld which make pressure cleaning simple and fun.

Campbell Hausfeld 1500 PSI


This equipment is a basic electric pressure washer that delivers 1.75 GPM at 1500 PSI –ideal for cleaning decks, door panels, mullions, wooden outdoor furniture and other light-duty projects. When it comes to switching between different nozzles, the tight connection points allow you to do that quickly; thereby, ensuring seamless transition between applications. Since this pressure washer delivers only 1500 PSI, you will want to upgrade to a more powerful version for demanding jobs, like removing rust, graffiti, stains and grime from hard surfaces. It’s a trade-off between price and power, and you are the best person to know your requirements.

Campbell Hausfeld 1900 PSI


When you need a little extra power to fight stubborn dirt and grime sitting on your furniture, patio, driveways, glass panels or any other hard surface, this pressure washer is what you should look at. The electric motor produces a powerful blast of 1900 PSI at 1.75 GPM that’s enough to handle medium/heavy-duty cleaning jobs around your home. The interchangeable nozzles allow you to control pressure to spray down your car or restore novelty of your outdoor furniture. When you buy an electric pressure washer, usually your expectations aren’t that high, but this power-packed pressure washer sets new standards of safety, convenience, affordability and mobility. The on-board detergent tank saves time and hassles and enables you to clean grime efficiently and quickly.

Campbell Hausfeld 3200 PSI


Gas powered pressure washers are designed for the toughest pressure cleaning jobs around your home or commercial premises. If you own a cleaning company, this powerful pressure washer deserves to be in your arsenal, for it can easily deliver results your customers will want to see. It is capable of cleaning any surface and that too in a couple of minutes. It dolls out the power you need to handle more demanding jobs, like rust removal and preparing plastered and concrete surfaces for paint.

This pressure washer has Kohler engine whose durability and performance are on a par with any other leading engine manufacturer across the world. You can only imagine things that are possible with a powerful blast of 3200 PSI, until you use it to believe.

For user’s safety, this pressure washer has trigger locking mechanism that prevents accidental pull while you are not paying attention. The steel welded frame is powder coated to prevent corrosion and prolong machine’s life, such that it looks new-like year after year.

On the flip side, this pressure washer doesn’t have on-board detergent tank, which is present in all variants of Ryobi, but it does allow for easy injection via a detergent hose.

Campbell Hausfeld 4200 PSI


This gas powered equipment is the most powerful pressure washer Campbell Hausfeld has ever manufactured. Even the toughest stains and grime don’t stand a chance against the massive blast of 4200 PSI which is delivered at a generous rate of 4 gallons per minute. It has triplex water pump, which is driven by a 440cc Kohler engine to clean the impossible. It is fuel efficient, durable and ready to take on even the dirtiest driveways, patio, walls, garage and roofs. It comes with 5 different nozzles, which make this washer suitable for all light-duty to heavy-duty and even ultra heavy-duty cleaning requirements. It has a 50 feet long hose that allows you to clean distant jobs without moving the pressure washer itself. However, it’s easy to wheel around should the need arises.

The spray gun on this pressure washer has trigger locking mechanism to prevent on-job accidents; while on the other hand, the easy-to-connect attachments get you started and switch between the jobs faster than your imagination.

Campbell Hausfeld is the ‘Air Power Expert’ that has been providing great solutions to most complex problems and making our lives simpler in a direct or indirect way. The brand focuses on delivering quality equipment that works like a magic wand and seeks little to no maintenance even after years of use.

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