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Ford Pressure Washers

Pressure washers gives you the ability to clean faster, save water and efforts big time. Easy to operate and maintain, pressure washers are widely used by professionals and DIY enthusiasts to clean their surroundings in a more effective manner.

Ford – a brand that does not need any introduction – is widely acclaimed in the automobile world and has also carved a niche in pressure washer industry with its powerful electric and gas variants that come in handy for a variety of domestic and commercial pressure cleaning needs. Ford is a UK-based automobile giant that’s known for the build quality of its automobiles, and now the same legacy is being carried on by its pressure washers.

Ford has a certain reputation to maintain, which is why it stands behind what it offers and promises round-the-clock customer support to address grievances and other issues related to performance of the product. The pressure washers manufactured and marketed by Ford are quite affordable as well as durable; you own them to live with them and most importantly, they get the job done with ease.

If it is Ford, it has to be awesome!

Although Ford is busy making great cars but it has certainly set an example with its range of pressure washers that comprises one electric and two gas powered variants, providing practical options for both light and heavy duty pressure cleaning jobs. The upright design seems to have everything in the right place. You can quickly pull out the high-pressure hose and start spraying down your vehicle or clean driveways right off the bat. Once you are done, the equipment can be easily packed away and stored underneath the workbench in your garage.

Let’s go over different variants one by one and understand what they are made of.

Ford 1800 PSI

Ford FPWEF 2.1-1800 – 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

What’s in a name, if you ask? Well, the name says it all. This electric pressure washer delivers 1800 PSI at a decent rate of 1.6 GPM. From detergent tank to hose storage reel and two utility brushes, this equipment has everything on board to give you a great experience as a user. If you are a beginner, this pressure washer can be your best friend and will serve you with the same competence year after year. If you are choosing Ford, you might have to pay some extra dollars, but all of it gets even with the excellent customer support and commendable performance across the board. It comes with four different nozzles that enable you to handle multiple cleaning tasks without any hassle. Switching between the nozzles is just a matter of seconds and then you are ready to fight dirt, stains and grime with all your might. To avoid safety hazards, this equipment comes with GFCI feature. It cuts off power supply as soon as it detects current flowing through any unintended path, which is usually water in case of pressure washers. You can safely use this pressure washer when kids are around, but make sure no human or animal comes in direct or indirect contact of the spray trajectory.

Ford 2700 PSI

Ford FPWG2700H-J Gas Powered Pressure Washer, 2700 PSI

Designed for tough cleaning jobs, this gas powered pressure washer delivers a mighty blast of 2700 PSI, which can be controlled by 3 different nozzle settings for light and medium-duty cleaning as well. Unlike any other pressure washer, this one has 10” ‘Never Flat’ tires, which means you are already spared from fixing a flat tire every now and then. This pressure washer starts every time, generates mighty pressure and removes dirt and grime pretty much quickly and effectively. Other features, including fold-down handle, 25′ braided high pressure hose and onboard detergent tank make this pressure washer the ultimate choice for endless pressure cleaning jobs. The dirt and grime starts to peel off as you pull the trigger.

If you own a professional cleaning company, there might have been a situation when a single cleaning job would take hours or even the entire day, while still the results aren’t up to the mark. Clearly, you’ve never had a pressure washer this effective before. Try it to believe it. This machine is used by both commercial and residential users.

Ford 3100 PSI

Ford FPWG3100H-J Gas Powered Pressure Washer – 3100PSI

We would wonder if you ever had to use this pressure washer at maximum power around your home. The medium setting produces enough power to handle A to Z residential cleaning tasks. However, the maximum pressure of 3100 PSI is best utilized in commercial and industrial settings, where there’s a lot to do in lesser time. Further, it has 10” Never Flat tires and a 30 feet high-pressure hose that enables you to operate within a large radius. The flow rate of 2.5 GPM makes the cleaning task easier, and if you ever need different pressure settings for different surfaces, the 5 quick-connect spray nozzles always come in handy. What else do you need to blast away dirt and grime in seconds?

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