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Kranzle Pressure washers

Connect to the source of water, pull out the hose, attach the spray wand and you are ready to fight dirt, grime or anything which is a blot on your property –that’s the beauty of a pressure washer!

Pressure washers make even the most demanding cleaning jobs easy and fun. Even the most basic pressure washer is powerful enough to outperform your regular garden hose and saves 80% of water from any given cleaning task.

Pressure washers arrive in gas and electric variants and are manufactured and supplied by many reputed brands across the globe. One of the most popular pressure washer brands is Kranzle. We’ll discuss this brand at length and go over some of its best-selling washers in both electric and gas segments.

If you are a cleaning enthusiast, you will understand the struggle that goes into cleaning your driveway, patio, outdoor furniture, etc, as well as the fatigue that comes from handling a couple of more challenging tasks, like removing stains and rust from hard surfaces. Kranzle was founded in the year 1974, with a vision and mission to take out stress and hard-work from the world of cleaning. And, eventually, it turned out to be true that with a powerful pressure washer on hand, all the struggle and fatigue turns into fun and convenience. The job becomes easier and less time-consuming, and you get the results you’re after.

Kranzle is a world-renowned brand that offers a wide range of pressure washers to meet diverse cleaning requirements at large factories and small homes and everything in between. Their equipment offers the flexibility you need while moving from one dirty job to another, plus there’s substantial power at your disposal to remove stubborn stains, dirt, mildew, grime and paint flakes from concrete surfaces.

Kranzle ensures premium quality in its pressure washers, and it’s pretty much evident from the high-pressure pump which is made of forged brass for extra durability. Kranzle pressure washers take virtually every cleaning job in their stride and find favour with result-oriented users.

Let’s take a look at some of the best pressure washers manufactured and supplied by Kranzle.

Kranzle K 1122

Kranzle K 1122

Bring home this masterpiece of German engineering to find yourself satisfied with the durability, lightweight design and great performance after every cleaning job. Kranzle K 1122 pressure washers are designed for light-duty cleaning jobs around your home or office. They are widely appreciated for their quieter operation and commendable cleaning capability to remove tough dirt and grime. This pressure washer can be your cleaning companion that would patiently wait for your car to return to the garage and send it out fully cleaned and sparkling new for the next trip.

Spraying your dirty car down was never this easy and fun. The 50-feet long high-pressure hose makes all your tasks manageable, giving you the desired peace of mind and a stress-free cleaning experience – all this at an affordable price.

Kranzle K2000 Series

Kranzle K 2000 Series

The K2000 series has three variants – more or less similar – with slight difference in power and features. Pick any variant for your domestic and commercial cleaning requirement; you’ll never be disappointed. The upright design is practical and lightweight, which means it’s easy to handle during cleaning operation and wheel around from one job to another. This feature-packed pressure washer has integrated hose drum and a neat storage for trigger gun. It can be easily stored in your garage and you will never have to think twice before rolling it out for your next cleaning job. Plus, there’s a variety of cleaning tasks you can perform with Vario-Jet or Dirtkiller lance, which comes with stainless steel pipe for added durability.

Kranzle Profi Series

Kranzle Profi Series

When you need to upgrade your pressure washer for more demanding cleaning jobs, the Kranzle Profi series offers a great choice among four different variants, namely Profi 160, Profi 175, Profi 195 and Profi 15/120 TS T. While the Profi 160 TS T and 195 TS T operate at 230 Volts, you will want to step up to 400 Volts to feed the remaining types: Profi 175 TS T and Profi 15/120 TS T. Most domestic users prefer the former ones while the latter are more popular to meet industrial cleaning demands. The oversized gears and oil housing on these pressure washers ensure extended life, despite the rough operation. The equipment remains as efficient a couple of years down the line as it was at the time of purchase.

Kranzle Quadro Series

Kranzle Quadro Series

The quadro series is known for serving its owner year after year without showing any sign of wear and tear, thanks to large gears and oil housing. Ideal of industrial operations and other heavy-duty cleaning jobs, the Quadro pressure washers lead the technology on four wheels. The Roto-Mold trolley is mounted on a double-axle chassis and is moved around on four wheels for extra stability and easy positioning. It also has parking brakes to keep the equipment static and stable around slopes. The Quadro series delivers a powerful spray of 2000 PSI which can go up to 2500 PSI in the heavy-duty variant.

No matter the variant you choose, Kranzle’s German engineering and tough design will never fail to impress.

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